Why I Became A Wig Consultant

My journey started many years ago. As a young child my hair was on the thin side. I was unaware, that I had a hair loss problem, I believed my hair was normal, but I was aware there was always lots of discussion regarding my hair. I can recall my first wig, I was in my early teens, and we had travel to London to see a doctor. He had a white coat on, holding a brown parcel, and he told me that he had a present for me, as you can imagine I was excited. He opened this parcel, and shown me, what looked to me as an artificial black cat. Everyone around was saying how beautiful it was (WHAT!) the next thing was, the black cat was put on my head, and everyone, told me that I looked beautiful (NOT!) This was the beginning of a long journey, looking for the correct wig for me.

I have done it all, you name it, Ive done it, I brought wig from catalogues, and from shops and people that knew nothing about wigs. Wigs were given to me from people that no longer required them. Wigs brought back from abroad, as a present, though the NHS, and last but not least, buying online. I had no idea what I was doing, as a result over the years I ended up with some big mistakes. Styles were wrong, fits were wrong, never getting the colour right, I would see a picture of a lady wearing a wig, (looked great) order it, put it on (no way). I never looked like the picture. More often than not I would wear the best that I had at the time. My phase was it will do. Support was very bad. I discovered it was incredibly difficult to find anyone that really could help, and I felt on my own.

I set out to gain as much knowadge, as I could about wigs; I have spent twenty years in the research, and training. I never planned on having my own business; this was always just for self knowledge. One day I was approached by a wig consultant, that I had got to know very well, and she told me that I had the ability, to be a good wig consultant. Since then, with more training, I became the wig consultant for the Bristol Royal Infirmary, and have now set up my own company.

I feel that I offer a unique styling and fitting service, in the comfort of clients own homes. I offer a large range of synthetic and human hair wigs. I work very closely with you, to help you make the right choice.